Video Games/Visual Novels

The Samaritan Paradox [Faravid Interactive, 2013]

  • Freja (Playable Character; Secondary Character)

But I love you. [Novella Gaming, 2014-2015]

  • Writer, Director, Emma (Secondary Character)

Imps in Tokyo (intro) [We Are Vigilantes, 2014]

  •   Aunt Myrtle (Secondary Character)

K.O.L.M. (demo) [Antony Lavelle]

  •  Mother (Secondary Character/Antagonist)

Galactic Embassy: Earth Division [Novella Gaming, 2013-2015]

  • Writer, Director, Shira (Secondary Character), Aileen (Minor Character)

Paradise Plus [Sexy Yuri, 2013-2015]

  • Yui (Secondary Character)

Aching Dreams 3: The Dark Planet [HentaiCook, 2014-2015]

  • Olga (Secondary Character)

Ishara: Bane of the Seven Seas [Happy Backwards, 2015]

  • Cendre (Secondary Character)

Perceptions of the Dead [Ithaqua Labs, 2015]

  • Tulip "Neighbor Girl" (Secondary Character)

Dr. Mechano: Supervillain Superstar [2015]

  • Dr. Nonami (Secondary Character)

Eincraft [Avalon Games, 2015]

  • Louise (Main Character)

Brilliant Shadows [Ithaqua Labs, 2015]

  • Ash (Main Character)

Audiopheil [Voiceiyuu, 2015]

  • Vida (Secondary Character)

Hellfire [Lilith Gray, 2015]

  • Azriel--female form (Secondary Character)

Nova: Synthesis Creaturum [thestringsofgold, 2015]

  • Merona Kovene (Main Character)

Order of Ataxia: Initial Effects [IDHAS Studios, 2015]

  • Fallore (Secondary Character)

Midnight at the Celestial Palace [Orrery Games, 2015]

  • Jingles (Secondary Character)


Sketches [Koi Pond Productions, 2014-2015]

  • Chiyo (Secondary Character)

Sky Hawks: Humanity’s Revenge [Jeff Stephens, 2014-2015]

  • Serra Lawson (Main Character)

Emina [Alexander Trapp, 2014-2015]

  • Ozzy (Secondary Character)

Space Opera [Alexander Trapp, 2014-2015]

  • Queen Synthia (Secondary Character/Antagonist)

Adorable Clarissa [Biznet Networks, 2014-2015]

  • Queen Ramona (Secondary Character)

Pop Nebula Dreamer [Coda Van Norman, 2015]

  • Marble (Main Character)

Misc. (Ads, audio projects, etc.)

Vestal Marketing and Consulting [Radio, 2014]     

Sydney Classic Car Hire [Radio, 2014]

Mr. Renewables [Radio, 2014]

Limousine Hire Adelaide [Radio, 2014]

iDirectSales [Radio, 2014]

LoyalBlocks [Radio, 2013]

  •  Beautiful Blooms-Emily

Sketches Funding Ad [Canadian Online Radio Network, 2014]

  • Chiyo

Buan: The Perfect Mortals [Book Trailer, Reece Bridger, 2014]

  • Aurelia (Secondary Character)

The Fourth World [Book Trailer, Laurence Moroney, 2014]

  • Ayako Katsuragi (Main Character)

The Huntress and the Apprentice [Audio Drama, Danielle Nungesser, 2014]

  • Alana (Main Character)

Fallen Phoenix [Audio Book, William Markwalder, 2013]

  • Anastasia (Main Character)

SubverCity Transmit [Podcast, 2014]

  • Announcer (Minor Character)

Spellbound [Teaser Trailer, Jordan Sailors/Mikala Carr, 2015]

  • Selene

Otherworlds [Tabletop Game Promotion, Vindicated Studios, 2015]

  • Zera (Main Character)