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Coming soon, but contact me anyway if interested!

Voice Acting

Personal commission, not for commercial use. Can be a ringtone, an alarm, a request, anything not for a game, ad, or animated series. (delivered in your choice of HQ .mp3, .wav, or .ogg)

NOTE: NSFW will not be automatically accepted, and will not be priced the same as what you see here.

  • <100 words = $3.00
  • 100<300 = $10.00
  • 300<1000 = $25.00
  • 1000<3000 = $ 100.00
  • 3000< = Contact me!

Commercial products (if you have a project budget that these prices don't fit, please contact me beforehand. I am very open to negotiation.)

  • One minute of audio = $5.00
  • One hour of audio = $250
  • Three hours of audio = $600 ($250 for every additional hour)

From May 2016-May 2017, I am also open to trading voice work for art work! I do, however, have the right to decline such offers based on the style and quality of the art.